Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A New Chapter

A lot has changed since I last posted on the blog. And I do mean a lot. After spending a year working in Primaries and tutoring students from age 6 to 26 in Maths and English, and most importantly caring for my children, it was time for a fresh start.

So... we moved... to Hong Kong. This is not a blog about moving to Hong Kong. That is here. I am now part of an international school, working at primary level. So as a result, my blog is being resurrected, as this past year I have spent collating and sharing some of the great resources we have in secondary with primary teachers. Now, my big job is to support this idea of mastery - identify resources that allow teachers to dig deeper into certain topics, and offer tips and hints on some of the basics too.

Many of the resources I refer to will be referenced and praised as they should - but there will be a real mix of age related resources so I will at some point try to organise it in the way Don Steward or Resourcaholic does.

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