Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Data - Averages Resources

Here are some resources I use when teaching Averages.

I find the word 'average' fascinating. Used in everyday language, and as a mathematician, I immediately think, "well... which average?"

I always wonder this when entering an "average speed check" section on the motorway. Which seems to be everywhere in the north west now.

Here is an activity linked to Speed Cameras, and some real life application.

The powerpoint with questions on slides is available here: Law Abiding Drivers
It links well with SDT topics too.

Here are a mixture of questions and projects including some that take longer than others.

Mixing Numeracy and Literacy

Football related averages - could be easily changed to Rugby

Quick question which is certainly seen in real life

Another interesting Football study - prizes for top predictions

This last one I have used for nearly every class I have ever taught. Every time I have done it, boys have outperformed barring the odd outlier. I have also done this with a target Velcro game in class. If a big class, then can be used for mean from a table as well.

Another project I did last year and will do probably every major football tournament is based on Yummy Math's World Cup Draw

I have written up my own task which is available here. Bit dated now but the idea can be used for the future : Fair Draw

Oh and the obligatory averages puzzles: (I think from Don Steward)

Answers via the link - Problem averages

Other useful links for averages worksheets

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