Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Belated Journey Begins


It is fair to say that is about time I did some blogging. For the past year (my first in teaching) I have gathered and read some of the best educational maths blogs on the internet, from the simple yet profound resources on MEDIAN, the loveable yet extremely relevant work available on justmaths, the fantastic ideas on Mr. Collins Maths. There are so many maths teachers out there doing amazing things, and it is only fair that I attempt to share any ideas and strategies that have served me well in this, the greatest of professions.

This blog will include ideas for the classroom, for displays, for inspiring maths. Most of all, it is for sharing good practice with those willing to continually improve maths education. It is about discussing ideas, offering suggestions and enjoying the challenge every school day brings.

I hope one day it will be a place to share 'maths with friends'.

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